• Modeling at Arts and Letters Club.

    I was posing in my pink clown costume. A perfect costume for pastel lovers also painters. There was a terrible storm outside, one I could watch from my chair. Just a few really strong individuals made it to the club to paint.
    People often ask me what I think about when I’m posing, sometimes it’s concocting a recipe or designing a card but today I had my card game in mind.
    A social game that I’ve been working on for a couple of years. The next day I was able to finish a prototype for playing with. If it’s any good You will hear more about it in the future.

  • Portrait of an emotion

    Avenue Road school for the arts. Martha Johnson’s teaching.

    It was a terrible night to be out rain on slush, and a thunderstorm brewing. So only a few came out to paint and draw.

    Martha had a dream of something very interesting to bring to the class.  The students all waited while she told me in secret what she wanted.  Four poses for portrait gesture, five minutes each being joyful happy.  This was interesting because for me it is difficult to hold a smiling pose that doesn’t hurt after a while and also feel false. So to bring the energy into the pose and make it true was a challenge.

    Then she asked me to do four poses with grief and sadness in mind. This was easier for me to hold and to keep the energy required to keep the pose true. She also asked me to make each one progressively more intense.

    Like actors do I called upon my own experience to bring validity to the emotion. This was so successful that I was almost moved to tears.

    The last pose was the most intense and one student found it very difficult to draw. She just wanted to come over and hug me and comfort me through what ever I was feeling.

    The work that came from this was absolutely wonderful.

    A very enlightened and interesting night for me.

  • How to criticize a work of art.

    1. What do I see – Description
    2. How is the work organized – Analysis
    3. What is the artist saying – Interpretation
    4. Is this a successful work of art – Judgment

    I was told that this is how one critics a piece of art. I believe that we do this intuitively. However I do have reservations in judging if a piece is successful or not.

  • Modeling at Avenue School for Arts

    Today I modeled for Martha Johnson and her class, at Avenue School for the arts.  Martha is a special teacher and a little known secret, for the privileged few who have been lucky enough to find her. She teaches the individual through critique. Her approach is contemporary and unique. We have worked together for a number of years and I always enjoy the process.

    Today I did a number of gesture poses that produced a dialog, emotion and rhythm from one 90 second pose to the next. We also did some longer more involved poses to build up the information and dialog between the artist and the audience.

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  • I was working as a model for the Arts and Letters club Toronto, wearing my newest costume “Pajama Party”
    It went down well and some fine work came from the piece.
    Modeling is such a wonderful form of art and expression for me.
    Meditating within the pose and bringing an energy to the room that engages the artist is a big part of what I do.
    Expression within the gaze is such a vital part of this.

  • Canzine

    I will be showing my work at Canzine this year. This is an underground Comic festival with over 200 venders. I will be there with my cards and buttons a few pieces of jewelry. Please come by my table and say hello.


    20th October 1.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.

    918 Bathurst Centre

  • Celtic show,

    I will be attending as a vender at the Celtic show in Kew Gardens in the beaches on the 7th and 8th of September. Come and see my new line of earrings. All summer I have been designing new earrings and the latest are long with chain, and dripping with small “glow in the dark” beads.
    I will also be showing my collection of cards. There are 175 designs with everything from “Urban Youth” to Dogs and other animals.

  • New line of Earrings

    I’ve just discovered Memory wire, how fabulous is this.  The earrings that have been designed using this material are very different from anything I’ve done before. They are big loops with some beads hanging from them. Elegant and sophisticated. I will be posting some pictures soon.