Su's Jewelry

Dressing well and looking good is an art. Knowing what suits one is better by far than being a slave to that almighty machine known as Fashion. Those who know that beauty comes from inside also know that dressing with confidence is the key to looking good.

I have always been a bit bold and sometimes flamboyant. Itís fun, dressing and accessorizing. Jewelry always catches my eye; it makes a statement about who the wearer is. It catches the imagination and presents a persona.

My own designs have evolved from my desire to wear pieces that I hadnít seen. I love mixing ancient seed beads from Tibet with Victorian Milk glass. If it works itís wonderful.

Each piece in my Tribal Collection has a name and includes a full description of where the beads came from. Also, all pieces include a unique sliding back bead, that enables the wearer to choose the length in which to wear it, with no clasps and no hooks.

My newest line is a collection of Adornz for Men. These pieces are specifically made with the male in mind. Simple designs, sculptural in essence and using all organic, natural materials: wood and bone, glass and ceramic.

Both collections continue to evolve, and more pieces are being added constantly. Iím currently working on a series of Sweater Necklaces for my new winter collection.

I have sold many of my pieces to artists and collectors of art. I love to make them and have sold privately, and at art shows. In March, 2004, my jewelry was exhibited at the prestigious Trinity House Gallery, in a juried show of art, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry.

Sķ Allison-Lenk - “Art to Wear & Enjoy” - © 2005