Su's Jewelry

Modeling is hard work, make no mistake. but for me it's a blessing. Every day I notice something fresh and new about this extraordinary way of life.

For me, modeling has always been another form of art, another way to express myself. Acting is a very major part of modeling and of course mood will influence the essence of each pose.

Some of my poses come from classical paintings that have etched themselves into my subconscious. Others may come from comic books: dynamic and almost over-dramatic. Always I bring energy to the room. After all, my presence is the artist's inspiration! And I take a pride in that.

Sometimes quick gesture poses are designed in my thoughts; other times they come from somewhere else. Sustained poses are a different mood: for these it's important to find a focal point and stay focused. I like to stay in the moment as much as possible. It's not easy; it's kind of being focused and meditative at the same time. But this will help to keep the pose alive and the energy in the room working for the artist.

My favorite kind of pose is costume, I love to dress up, and I have collected many beautiful things to wear. This definitely brings out my more dramatic side. I never fail to get positive comments on my wonderful costumes. I've even named some of them: Dame Agatha Has-Been; Martha the Bag Lady; Carlotta (from the film Dinner at Eight); and so on.

I often wear my own necklaces when posing, and many of them have now been painted, adding to their value. I also make accessories, such as cuffs and collars. All of these things bring authenticity to the character and drama to the pose.

My modeling clientele includes high schools, colleges, art clubs, sculpture studios, and small independent studios. I also work for small private groups of artists, and for individual artists. I feel very privileged to meet and spend time with these wonderful artists and teachers. It's a very big part of loving this work.

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