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My love of working with watercolours goes back to when I was child. The process, the object in mind and just the absolute pleasure of being creative. I have always loved the translucency of the medium. The soft edges and beautiful pastel colours.

As anyone knows that does watercolours, this is reputed to be the most difficult way to paint. Every detail about the light source and shadows must be mapped out ahead of time. You work with your highlights in place at the beginning.

However last year I took a wonderful course with Elizabeth Berry. She teaches watercolours according to Chinkok Tans methods. His approach is unique and so much more simple. I feel that the wheel has been reinvented, and this time it goes so much faster that Im actually getting somewhere. Im back doing watercolours after doing them for ten years and then not doing them for another ten years. Thank you Elizabeth and Chin. You will be seeing more paintings here in the near future.

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